Growing in the
Image of Christ

Our Teen Ministry exists to lovingly lead middle and high school students to become seekers of God. Through acts of service and prayer, the Teen Ministry is designed for all 6th to 12th grade students in Carroll County and beyond!

Building relationships

Creating a Community

Our Teen Ministry centers around our Sunday night fellowship. While there, we build relationships with each other, enjoy some activities, and engage with the Word of God.

Our meetings take place from 5 pm to 7 pm on Sunday and are located in our Teen Center. This is located in a separate, smaller building north of our main building (next to the HS baseball field).

For up-to-date information, check out our Facebook or Instagram page for updates.

Hanging Out

We value spending time together and think it is important to build relationships where teens can talk about faith and God.


Our worship team is student-led. We believe worshiping together is an important part of our spiritual life.


Our teaching team has a passion for God’s Word and for students. By teaching relevant topics and Biblical truths, we want students to know and love God more.

Small Groups

These groups focus on building connections between students, allowing them to discuss the teaching points and pray for each other.


Parent Resources

So your kid is a gamer

Video games are shaping the way your child thinks. What can you do about it?

Parent Talking Points

The parent update that includes talking points with your teens. 

Parent Primer on Internet Porn

An introduction to internet pornography that we trust you will find helpful as you lead your teen through this dangerous and everpresent minefield.

Extra Curricular Activities

How much is too much? What if my kid wants to quit mid-season? Should I push my child or let them select the activities they want to do?

Four Questions for Connection

Questions allow us to tap into that sacred place beneath the surface. Better questions revive our conversations and breathe life into everyday connections.